My Work

Designs for Humans by Human(s)

Areas of Practice


team leadership

When you're on my team, I'm already investing in you. Everyone has a positive intention and it's my job as a leader to allow you to grow into your spotlight. I support my team by any means possible. In my past experience, I've learned that the best way to lead is with a purpose and to lead by example.

User Research

User research is the foundation of all design. It's difficult to design a product without understand the person that will be using the product. It's about asking the right questions at the right time to uncover potential areas of opportunity. Sometimes it doesn't even take a conversation, people don't always realize what they're doing. When you observe people in their natural habitat, you'd be surprised with what gold you'll find

interaction design

This is where a lot of the experiences are designed. We all interact with various objects, people, and that's what creates experiences. My goal as a designer is to design for positive experiences even if it isn't one you're expecting. A project I worked on was a driver phone application to log their hours. The users weren't always available to sit and try the designs so it took a lot of improvising with random co-workers in various departments to get the interactions to make sense. My job as a designer is to design for the best experiences possible to meet your expectations.

information architect

Information design is a lot of where the problem solving happens. A lot of designs aren't creative, they're logical and self explanatory. To achieve this, a designer must know their key audience and understand what their main goal is. Information needs to be laid out such that it makes sense to the user. When a user chooses option A, what do they expect to unfold? Project samples are attached to show site maps and how those site maps translated into wireframes. My job as a designer is to frame the content such that it makes sense to you and gets you the information you need.

visual design

With my graphic design background, I make it a point to create simple functional designs. White space creates readability and visual designs tie together multiple products to a brand or a purpose. My job as a designer is to solve your problems and get you where you need to be - in an elegant way

Health coach

Sometimes we, as humans, do things that are suboptimal. A passion of mine is to help people create experiences they want. Often this challenges the mind which makes it difficult to follow through. My purpose as a health coach is to help you create your fest self with my Total Transformational 90 Day Intensive. Book your breakthrough session today!