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About Tamara James

She is an innovative UX/UI Designer with a history of success delivering profitable software and web-based applications through exceptional communication, analytical and collaborative leadership approaches. Accomplished process enhancer, recognized for outstanding strategic planning and research. Utilizes creative problem solving to develop stronger cross coordination among teams. Accomplished change agent with the ability to analyze issues, devise continuous process improvements and incorporate business process initiatives to increase efficiency, streamline operations and decrease aggregate expenses. Fosters talent while thinking strategically and proactively in decision-making processes. Develops and improves internal relationships with key product owners.


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Tamara James transformed her design practice from graphic design to experience design starting at Purdue University. She always had a passion for making elegant designs and her mindset shifted when she realized she could help impact people by designing experiences. Her first opportunity outside of school was at Navistar Inc. She was the first UX/UI Designer and quickly demonstrated the how important it was to design for people. She now leads a team that focuses on creating positive impact on Navistar's customers by creating pleasant experiences.

In addition to design she also has a passion for health and wellness. She is currently studying to become a health coach to help others become their best self. 



Certification, Health Coach, Life Coach, 2019

Specialization, Human Computer Interaction, 2016

B.S., User Experience, 2014